Back to School time

first day of school


Today is the first day of the second semester of school here in Korea, which actually doesn’t mean anything much for us subject teachers (English, Art, Music, etc.).  The first day of a semester here is usually taken up with the opening ceremonial stuff and the kids are quarantined in their homerooms for the organizational chaos that is involved with trying to get them back on a school schedule.

Meanwhile, I’ve got all the windows in my classroom open so I can enjoy the absolutely gorgeous weather that has magically descended on Busan this week. For the moment, at least, it’s clear and just slightly cool, without a hint of the oppressive humidity that has been slowly killing my soul all summer. I have no doubt that there will be one last heat wave somewhere between now and October – but I can sense the coming of fall, and it gives me hope that I can last ’til the cold weather arrives for real.


winter is coming        …and it’s going to be awesome.  



It’s Going to be EPIK

I’ve recently decided to leave my stable, mid-level, (boring) government job and head off to teach English in Korea for a year.

Because I’m an obsessive over-planner, I’m starting to lay out the logistics and such a good year before I’ll actually be applying to anything. I think I’ve settled on the EPIK (English Program in Korea) program, which is run through the Korean Ministry of Education. EPIK places English-speaking teachers in Korean public schools around the country, where they act either as co-teachers (teaching alongside a Korean teacher) or teach their own classroom.

There’s still a lot to decide (and fret about) in this process – do I want to teach in a city or a more rural province? Will I be able to make it back to the States for Christmas with my family? Will I manage to pick up even a few Korean phrases before I move there?

But overall is a huge sense of excitement. I haven’t had a true life-changing adventure in a long time and I think, now that I’m in my 30s, that I’m about due for one.