The Interview

So, after worrying for no reason, I got my interview email right in the midst of the first presidential debate. Of course, I’d stopped checking my email while watching Clinton and Trump square off, so I nearly fell out of my chair when I hit Mail on my phone and the email from EPIK popped up! The email informed me that my interview was scheduled for 2:00am my time on Monday night – and believe me I am not one of those people who can wake up at the drop of a hat and be totally compos mentis.


What this meant was that I went to bed basically as soon as I got home from work yesterday, trying to pack in as much sleep as possible before waking up at midnight. I took a shower, dressed up in a blouse and blazer (but with more comfortable pants), got all my paperwork in order, and practiced my interview questions for a bit before settling myself in front of my laptop. I made sure that all of my Post-Its (with helpful points that I wanted to remember) were in place around the screen of my laptop and that I had both my printout of my application and my pile of paperwork in case my interviewer wanted to see it.

At exactly 2:01am, I got a Skype contact request from EPIK, immediately followed up by a video chat. I accepted and spent the next 30 minutes trying to act as calm and competent as possible while the coordinator bounced back and forth between going through my application form and normal interview questions. It was a bit like whiplash from time to time (going from “so, do you have any food allergies?” to “tell me how you would manage a classroom of screaming 12-year-olds”) but I think I managed to stumble my way to relatively coherent answers. There were a few that surprised me – I definitely didn’t expect to get asked to explain why I had chosen the college I did! But overall, the coordinator seemed to be businesslike but friendly – and I even managed to make him smile a few times. Fingers crossed that’s a good sign!

Anyway, he told me that I should be hearing back about whether I passed the interview in the next few days. Back to the waiting game…



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